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Your customers will take. Saves to smartphones and tablets also for the daily activities of searching and using content. NATIVE ADVERTISING CHARACTERISTICS Native Advertising is not advertising disguis as an independent post netflix.jpg. One example among all is the one propos by Netflix on Wir and which has enter the collective imagination as true quality content belonging to the native sphere . Not an article like the others, that’s for sure. To indicate this, the wording “sponsor content” written prominently so that no one can confuse it. But not even an advertising banner. In fact, Netflix chooses to offer its users an article sign by anthropologist.

Important Social Media KPIs

Grant McCracken to explain. How technology is transforming advertising and does so photo editing servies with maximum transparency and linearity. Content and container are perfectly homogeneous. A respectable native content is always able to blend in with the platform that hosts it. It is not confused with the other articles of the editorial team, as the sponsored label is always clearly visible, despite everything the public does not notice the difference between content and advertising because the latter manages to integrate perfectly into the programming and does not disturb. and so is the tone of voice Let’s go back to citing.

photo editing servies

Your Social Media Strategy

Netflix as a reference example. A company that deals with DVD and video game rental Phone Database via the internet chooses to treat a topic similar to its business the evolution of advertising influence by technological innovations as native content rather than listing a series of tips on how to organize a family lunch Mouth watering Sunday. Here is another fundamental characteristic of native advertising to reach my target I must present a useful product, propose an article that is able to interest, involve, use the vocabulary suit to my target and produce articles or videos that are always align with.

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