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This advanced professional consulting company specializing in obtaining funding and conducting projects from EU funds. Business and IT consulting (including preparation of company strategy, entering new markets, analysis of IT needs) and implementation of IT systems. We offer paid internships, and after their completion. The possibility of stable employment in a dynamic company and a committed team. Implementing interesting projects. Place of practice no you are a graduate. Student of the last years of your studies. You are interested in EU subsidies and cooperation with companies from various industries.

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Open to new challenges, even those unrelated to your course of study, you are a responsible and independent Photo Retouching person. Have high interpersonal skills and are a communicative person, you can organize your work efficiently, you have teamwork skills. Use Polish carefully in speech and writing, you want to learn about the functioning of enterprises from the inside and be a co-creator of their development, you learn quickly and have the ability to think analytically, you are good at using MS Office, CONTACT US. Job description monitoring. The availability of EU funds and other external sources of financing.

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Developing competences in the field of preparing applications for co-financing of EU projects and supporting the team preparing applications. Participation in conducting analyzes (enterprises and markets) and presenting the results in the form of reports. Participation in the settlement of projects co-financed from EU funds, participation in building a Phone Data Base development strategy for the client, participation in the reorganization of business models for the client. Constant expansion of knowledge in the field of EU funding for business. Clerical and administrative duties resulting from the implementation of the above substantive duties.

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