So much fewer data

 So much fewer data  How To Split Account Searches? Linkin Sales Navigator search engine only display pages of results.That means you only get access to the first results. linkin sales navigator search limit However sometimes your searches are bigger than that and you would like to access all the leads in the list. So how to do that? That’s exactly what I’m going to show you in this Sales Navigator tutorial. The solution is to split your Sales Navigator searches into several chunks. How To Split Your Sales Navigator Searches.

Split your Sales

Navigator searches in steps: Use the right search seo expate bd filters Copy-paste the link into a spreadsheet Exclude the filters you us Repeat the process Export your leads to CSV . Use the right search filters There are filters you can use to quickly split your Sales Navigator searches: Seniority Level Function Industry split sales navigator lead searches You should use only these and not Company Headcount because that will delete leads from your search. dont use company head count filters All the people without company pages attach to their profiles (grey logos) will be exclud from the search.

That way you will

Lose potential good leads. exclude people sales Phone Database navigator search Here I built a first chunk of leads selecting seniority level filters. split with seniority level . Copy-paste the link into a spreadsheet The second step is to copy the URL of this first chunk and paste it into a Google spreadsheets. copy url sales navigator search We are going to modify to this search to continue splitting it so you must save the chunks somewhere. save url chunkl sales navigator . Exclude the search filters you us Once you save the URL you can exclude all the search filters you us. how to exclude filter sales navigator That way you delete from the search all the leads present in the first chunk. exclusion filter sales filters.

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