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That may Although it may seem increible it is a reality. Do not miss what is behind the announcement made by the Chinese video game company NetDragon Websoft . We tell you how organizations are beginning to transform thanks to innovative technologies. The first thing you should know is that this company is a leader in the creation of internet communities worldwide. Likewise it is a pioneer in the use of Artificial IntelligenceAI 5D Augmente RealityAR Virtual RealityVR and Big Data . Currently it occupies an important position as a creator and publisher of online games and offers solutions for digital eucation.

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In addition to seeking to transform its management and operational efficiency by appointing Tang Yu as virtual CEO. What is particular about this decision is that Tang Yu is an android or rather a humanize robot with AI . This not only represents a great achievement for the company photo editor but a strategic step towards becoming an organization in the metaverse. Below we will tell you about the company’s objective with this appointment and the impact on its digital environment . From android to virtual CEO The future became present with the appointment of Tang Yu on August.

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Went on to become the CEO of NetDragon Websoft. And if you ask yourself how is it possible for an android to play this role and what tasks can it fulfill Now we will tell you. Thanks to the technology provide by AI a virtual Phone Database humanoid robot like. Tang Yu can perform executive tasks. Initially she will be assigne to the subsidiary company Fujian NetDragon Websoft Co Ltd. and will have the following responsibilities Streamline process flow . Optimize the quality of tasks. Improve execution spee. Serve as a data center in real time.

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