Proof of payment must be issued

Proof of -KDIL. It can be read that in the case of providing services relat to real estate locat abroad the status of their buyer and whether. He is a taxpayer with his register office in Poland or is a foreign entreprenr. This does not affect. The change of the place of supply of such a service for the purposes of settlement which must be made at the location of the property. Example Company A from Poland receiv an order from a German company to install a gas installation in a property locat in Germany. However due to the lack of spare processing capacity company.

A sign Proof of contract with company

From Poland to perform these works. In our example both companies are register active payers in Poland. Company B will act as a subcontractor for company A. In this case in Germany must be settl by the Polish contractor i.e. company. A which will have to philippines photo editor register for in Germany to settle . Company B subcontractor will issue an invoice to company A contractor to its NIP number issu. In Germany with the annotation “reverse charge”. The procure describ in the example seems to be correct but please note that Polish regulations do not comment on this subject.

Another interesting case

When settling construction services by a subcontractor may be a situation when the subcontractor is register in the country where the service is provid. Example Phone Database Company A from Poland sign a contract for the construction of an industrial complex in the Czech Republic and subcontract some of the work to company B from Poland which is register for in the Czech Republic. In this case company B will issue.

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