Mailchimp for Bloggers What I Said About Series

This post is a compilation of the articles I have published about Mailchimp and some additional external links that I consider reference. Hello! How are things with you? You’re on vacation? I do! In fact, I have left this post scheduled to be published while, without an Internet connection, I am enjoying beach life with my women. So … But well, that will be when this post is published because, in reality, right now I am making a few posts “in a hurry” to get them scheduled.

The articles I have published about Mailchimp

I have published a lot of articles about this very powerful email marketing tool, some more basic and others a little industry email list more advanced. I can’t deny that I love this platform (despite its price). Do you want to end up dominating it? Well, take a look at these articles: Manage your subscriber list with MailChimp . This is perhaps the most complete of all. I published it just when I was starting to set up my blog’s subscription system and with the concern that I needed a system that would send all my posts. In this post with a 20-minute video tutorial you will find a complete guide on how I have it configured.

How to offer an archive when subscribing to your blog

Another problem and question that arose for me at that time was how to automatically reward my new subscribers with a file that could be an ebook or a Zip with wallpapers. The problem is Phone Database that Mailchimp, in its free version, does not allow auto-responders. Therefore, I had to find an alternative way. You have it revealed in this article. How to analyze subscriptions in MailChimp from Analytics . In this post I tell you how you can set goals and link your Mailchimp account to your Google Analytics so that you can analyze the behavior and funnel until you reach the subscription of a visitor or

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