Mailchimp member rating explained in depth

Maybe you don’t find it interesting that way, but if I tell you that we are actually talking about lead scoring and how MailchimpMailchimp member scores and classifies your contacts… isn’t it more interesting to you now? Groups and Segmentation in MailChimp . Without a doubt, these are two concepts that can be quite confusing. Isn’t a group good for grouping? And a segment is not removed? Or how is that going? Well, read this article and you will see how it becomesMailchimp member very clear to you.

Conditional tags in Mailchimp

It is not just a question of whether you can do it but a question that is advisable and very powerful. Thanks to Mailchimp’s conditional tags, you can even write emails that speak feminine or masculine depending on each reader who receives it. Doesn’t it seem interesting? Well find out! Other recommended reading on Mailchimp category email lis This is the list of articles in which I have explicitly talked about Mailchimp. However, there are other articles that, although not directly, are closely related to Mailchimp:

category email list

Subscription to the blog, another way to offer it

A post that had a lot of disagreement and in which, in the end, I had to admit that my results were not entirely beneficial. In it I explained how to use Typeforms to offerMailchimp member subscription to my blog in a more creative way. How to avoid the promotions Phone Database tab in Gmail . A post where I talk about email marketing and, of course, also about Mailchimp. And this is an issue that has worried many of us for some time and that, in the end, we have decided to accept and ignore. You do not? Email Markup for Bloggers: links in the subject . My great friend Iñaki calls it “the almond tree trick” when he mentions it in his excellent talks about CRO. I’m not telling you anything, I suggest you read it.

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