What is Similarweb PRO and what is it for TUTORIAL 2022

Similar web What is Pro is the paid version of the Similarweb tool (I told you about the free version a few. Therefore, weeks ago) where you have more features and gives you more data than the free version. With Similar web you can obtain data from more than 100 million web pages, 4.7 million applications and it also has the trust of companies of great international prestige such as Google, Adidas, The Economist, Booking.com, etc. I think it is a very powerful tool, similar to. Therefore, Semrush or Ahrefs, and with which you can discover many opportunities to elevate. Therefore, your web project to other levels. The bad thing is that it is paid. 

Tutorial on how to use Similarweb PRO What is

If you have seen the article I mentioned industry email list previously, you will have seen that this tool in the free version shows us a lot of valuable information. Therefore, about the competition. And in this article, I’m going to show you all the extras you’ll have access to with this paid version. I will explain to you step by step how to enter the tool and what each of its functions and sections are for. Let’s see how Similar web works! 1- How to register in Similarweb PRO Go to their website Similarweb.com and press the orange button that says << Start >> (In my case I chose the Portuguese language, since it is the most similar to Spanish). On the next screen, choose one of the 5 categories that. Therefore, best suits your business needs. For this real example I choose the .

industry email list

SEO Competitors on Similar web PRO

By pressing the button you can enter the Phone Database domain you want to investigate and then compare it with that of other competitors or with. Therefore, your own website. As an example, I have compared the AulaCM website with mine, and we can extract the following data: Total number of visits. Organic vs. traffic paid. Percentage of website visits generated by branded keywords. Graph of organic. Therefore, traffic, unlike paid traffic, increased by: Traffic search. Duration of the visit. Visits per page. Bounce Rate. seo competitors on similar. Therefore, website pro Within the same section. 

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