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For this reason, I always look for media Join the and blogs that are closely related to the topic I am dealing with. I make sure that where I am going to put the link has a graph of increasing traffic and also that it does not have many outgoing links, this can be seen within the link purchasing platforms. Finally, I prepare each article where I want to put my link, so “I make sure I can position it.” I prefer that few users who are very interested in reaching my page end up inside than trying to sneak in an article that no one later enters. Jesús Roldán’s website Alex Iglesias I come to tell you, in these times of EAT and Google.

Couple of tips for Join the good artisanal link building

Updates focused on promoting brands, a couple of tips for good category email list artisanal link building in e-commerce . First of all, something that many online store owners seem to be allergic to. Create content . Easy, right? Well, you would be surprised by the amount of e-commerce that limits itself to its product sheets and nothing more. And you will tell me, but it is an e-commerce. It’s just that my competition doesn’t do it. Well, take advantage of it! It offers more than just a product sheet. Build your Brand image.

Quality links Speaking of Brand

The more Phone Database replicable and, therefore, linkable content you have, the more likely you are to attract quality links. Speaking of Brand, another tip that I really like is to look for mentions of your brand without a link . How is this done? Very easy: You go to Google and write the following: “TuMarca” This way you will see all the web pages that mention your brand. With that list in hand, all that remains is to contact the webmasters and ask them to include a link to your website. You can also use Google Alerts to receive a notification every time your brand is mentioned.

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