Can I buy just a domain without hosting Interesting reasons

Can I buy just a domain without hosting ? Can you contract hosting without a defined domain? These are some of the questions that I am often asked in my personal branding classes when we touch on the topic of domains and their importance for a personal brand. Let’s see the importance of buying only domain. What should I choose, a domain with my first and last name or keywords ? I suppose you have asked yourself this question. In this article, I am going to answer some of these questions based on my opinion and experience.

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You clarify ideas and not waste time if you do not yet have your Internet domain. Let’s start with executive data some of the most common questions: The answer is Yes . You can buy, register or reserve a domain without having hosting or a website. What’s more, you can buy a domain without hosting without ever having to open a website. If you purchase a domain without hosting, you only have to pay for its registration or renewal annually. So, do not hesitate to buy only a domain without hosting, and at you can easily purchase your domain. ⇒ Do I have to hire hosting to use an Internet domain? No. _ It is not necessary to contract hosting or hosting when purchasing your domain.

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Allow you to have a domain on “stand by” with a predefined “under construction” page or redirecting visitors to that domain to a URL address that you want to send. Can I register a web domain without hiring hosting? Yes, of course . From what I have read in many hosting companies, the domain registration service and the web hosting (hosting) service are totally independent. Therefore, you can register as many Phone Database domains as you want, without it being necessary to hire a hosting service for them. Another reason could be , imagine that you have a project in mind but nothing else. You still don’t know how to shape it. 

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