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Would you like to know how to draw personalized caricatures ? Learn how to make an online caricature for your personal brand? How to enhance In this guest post we are going to show you how to turn photos into caricatures and how a photocaricature can help highlight your personal brand on social networks. The author of the post is Edu Corral , a genius at personalized caricatures and photo caricatures and I love his work, that’s why I encouraged him to create a post about how we can use a caricature to differentiate a personal brand, and this is the result.

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Ahhh and follow him on social media to see all his creativity, it will impact you. We begin. As you can executive email list imagine, I am not the best person to explain to you what a personal brand , personal branding or personal reputation is and the importance it has in the world of online marketing. In this blog you have a lot of information about it, from Claudio Inacio and no one better than him to teach you. Now, I am a designer and illustrator and I would like to tell you how to achieve a differentiating point in your brand image , thanks to an element as far removed from marketing as a cartoon .

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Therefore, Caricatures, a photo and Illustrator are enough , the basic. Idea is to trace the photo and synthesize the lights and shadows to create the volume. This means that it is not necessary to know how to draw to create your own cartoon. Therefore, you can even do it with the mouse, without the need for a graphics tablet. Although you will have to practice a little to get those lights and shadows that I told you about. As you can see, the result is very striking while Phone Database having a certain sobriety. So you can implement it in your personal brand strategy without fear of clashing or giving an unprofessional appearance. It won’t happen with this type of cartoons.

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