Neuromarketing what are its advantages disadvantages

Definition of Neuromarketing: it is the discipline that, based on a scientific study. Which analyzes the levels of emotion, attention and memory evoked by stimuli in the context of marketing or advertising. Allows finding techniques to improve products or services and optimize the conversion of the same. Neuromarketing what Thanks to greater knowledge of user behavior in the purchasing process. Therefore, knowing what Neuromarketing is and how to use it is essential these days for any brand, company or professional to maximize their results.

Knowing when neuromarketing

Born is important so that it is understood that it is not a  new discipline, although it is fashionable company data right now. The term began to be used in 2002 , when Dutch professor. Ale Smidts , Nobel Prize winner in Economics, coined it. Then other references came who began to use it, such as Philip Kotler. Neuromarketing with its techniques helps focus the communication and branding of a company towards the real needs of consumers. Analyze the consumer in a non-intrusive way .With this technique there is no need to ask intrusive questions or market research to consumers. Promote the site in the final Marie Haynes Consulting newsletter of 2019 and entice users to click on the Wix SEO link and engage with the site. 

Neuromarketing what disadvantages

Measuring all stimuli without the need to ask the  consumer. Greater precision and more tangible Thanks to its technological tools and its objective vision of. Consumer behavior and thoughts, neuromarketing is much more precise than other types of marketing. The data that advantages disadvantages neuromarketing offers us is much more tangible than conventional data. Helps improve user experience If we know our potential Phone Database customers better (their needs, what they think, want, etc.) we can offer them a better user experience, both in the purchasing process and in web usability. 

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