How to Write a Blog Post Outline Simple Steps

Every writer knows the pain of staring for hours at a blank page and producing nothing. But you don’t have to start your draft on an empty Google Doc. It’s much easier if you begin with an outline. Creating a blog post outline will help you: Overcome the dreaded “writer’s block.” Organize your thoughts before you put pen to paper. Ensure you’re not missing any important points. Order your blog post in a logical, easy-to-read structure. Get you and your editor, client, or manager (if you’re working with one) on the same page. In this post, you’ll learn how to write a blog post outline. Let’s get started.

Choose your topic

It’s impossible to create a blog post outline without knowing what you want to write about. So if you’ve not yet decided on a topic, you need to choose one now. Brainstorm a company data couple of topics you’d like to cover. If you’re familiar with the niche, there should be a few burning issues you want to address. Write about them. Otherwise, a good way to find topics is to use Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer. Enter a relevant term into the tool and go to the Matching terms report. Switch the tab to Questions, and you’ll see plenty of potential topics to cover. Select your content format Will your article be a listicle or a how-to? Or perhaps it’s an opinion piece, a review, or you’re simply covering the latest news.

How to Write it is

You’ll have to decide on a format. Sometimes, the format is screaming at you in plain sight. For example, if you’re covering the topic “how to make kefir at home,” then it’s probably Phone Database going to be a how-to guide. Or if you’re covering the topic “blogging tips,” then it’s probably going to be a list of tips. But sometimes, it’s not so straightforward. Is the topic “best productivity app” a list of productivity apps, a review of a particular app, or an opinion article about the “best app”? The truth is it can be any of the above. You’re free to choose, and there’s no one right answer. But if you really cannot decide, then a good way to “settle” the debate is to simply look at what’s ranking for that topic on Google. Mr. Bean falls to the ground.

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