Should my restaurant or your bar be on social networks

Should my, The business world has been transformed – thanks in part to social media – and our gastronomic establishment cannot remain immobile in the face of these changes. This is not an exclusive issue for some large hotels and gastronomic chains. My restaurant or your bar – whether small, medium-sized or independent – ​​must also adapt to the current times and try to adopt online marketing and social networks in their daily management in the best possible way. According to some studies. Approximately a quarter of online consumers have opted for a product. Service or brand. Due to the influence of their social circles on the Internet.

Influence of Social Media in our restaurant/bar/cafeteria

Should my, Internet exposure (web and social networks) of new menus special offers. events email leads photos. etc. To make them accessible to a greater number of clients and potential clients. It has become – for some restaurants or bars – a regular and very advantageous practice. This ability to communicate and relate – at the right time – with the general online public. Provided by social networks. Has given many restaurants an extra advantage. Giving these establishments the possibility of engaging bi-directionally with their target audience. In addition. obtaining quantifiable data on the tastes or preferences (on the menu in the facilities etc.

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Speaking of social media, what are our options for a restaurant or bar?

Having part of the potential consumers. Who circulate on the Internet. Willing to base Phone Database their purchase or reservation decisions on the opinions of other users. Companies in general have made the availability of said comments a priority for their online marketing strategies. Disadvantages Having a correct presence on social networks can be a great challenge for many small or medium-sized gastronomic businesses. For this reason. There are a large number of restaurants or bars that update their profiles and/or pages more or less once a week. Which has a direct negative impact on the perception of their customers. Social media is truly effective only when it is regularly updated and monitored. Customers who come to a restaurant or bar page.

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