What to take into account on a Facebook page for my hotel?

What to take. Visitors and fans of our Facebook page should feel that they are welcomed or are. Although online, in our hotel. For this reason. And just as you would do with your hotel website. You should never miss images. Logos and messages or slogans that identify our brand and/or establishment at a glance (the most representative ones. Do not overload) . There are a series of tools – own or third-party – that Facebook offers and that facilitate the personalization. Free or affordable of our page . Furthermore hanks to them we can have the possibility of including different extra functionalities (according to our needs) . Important: remember that Facebook penalizes companies that use personal profiles. So you should always use a business page .

Customize the hotel page

What to take, We have already talked about it in other articles. If our only objective for being present top people data on social networks is to increase sales. Then it is very likely that our strategies will fail. That’s because Facebook is not a direct sales tool. But rather indirect. In other words. Your top priority is to build relationships that ultimately lead to future bookings. This can be achieved by publishing useful and varied content. Which our target audience may see as more interesting or meaningful. No one will want to be with us on Facebook if we only talk or post self-promotional content. On the other hand. If our hotel brand tries to tell stories that they may find interesting. We will not bore them. Let us remember that we are an active part of the tourism sector and people would like to know.

top people data

Provide useful and meaningful content for your fans

We can promote our establishment through segmented Facebook ads. However. We should also try Phone Database to use third-party applications. Each of these applications can help or facilitate the task of promoting our hotel directly on Facebook. Or as an integral element of our online marketing or cross-marketing strategy. 4. Get Visitors Engaged The best Facebook pages are those that manage to become more interactive. So we should encourage our guests and fans to post comments. Tag people in our photos. And/or share photos and videos of their visits to our hotel (tagging themselves and us, of course) . We must keep in mind that every time someone publishes an image. Video or comment on our page. It is also published – automatically.

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