My own brand must be my first and main client

My own brand, On this occasion I would like to be able to talk about those people who – regardless of their age – are trying to forge a future or “reinvent themselves” (a very fashionable word in these times of crisis ). For whatever situation: they have just left university. They were unemployed. They realized that they were doing something that they didn’t like or that doesn’t have much of a future. Or whatever the reason may be. These current or future professionals are here today. Wanting to get started. And they and their personal brand are in need of their first or second job opportunity. This. If you allow me. Leads me to remember my first steps. Almost 11 years ago. In the reception of a hotel. Although he came from other sectors in which customer service.

Set an example with your actions be your best client

But thanks to that opportunity that they were not afraid to give me, plus the email database perseverance and personal effort My own brand, made. Over time I managed to advance and grow professionally in that field. And today to be able to consider myself a true tourism and hospitality professional (seeking to reinvent myself again. Now adapting his professional career to digital marketing ). What I want to tell you with this is very simple: even if job offers ask for proven experience or if you aspire to be freelance and need examples of previous work. So that current clients can see how you have done it before. ; Do not despair or be discouraged. We have all been in the same situation in one way or another. The important thing is to have things clear.

email database

if I pass and leave no trace why did I pass?

Maybe some doors close, you lose this or that opportunity that you thought was perfect for you. And this emotionally affects Phone Database your goals. Making them seem more distant. But. Don’t give up. Have faith in yourself. Learn. train yourself. Never stop seeking new knowledge. Specialize in something. Look around you and think: what do you know how to do better than anyone else? and then enhance it. To use it as your best weapon. In this post you will find Set an example with your actions. Be your best client “In my opinion. It is unthinkable that a future social media manager or community manager does not have their own profiles – active and well maintained – on social networks” Remember: if I pass and leave no trace.

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