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Online strategies, Web 2.0 has caused a radical change in many aspects of communication in general. which have been accentuated in recent times thanks to the rise or popularity that social networks have achieved . This undoubtedly influences the way in which tourism and hospitality should be managed as a whole. It is not only enough to have at hand some of the main technological advances that can be found today (depending on needs Budget and type of business) . But we must try to orient the entire management strategy – both internal and external – towards and for the client . In this post you will find The new tourist 2.0 (Hotel and Tourism management) My first Hangout: 2.0 strategies in Hotel and Tourism management «The client or potential client and their opinions.

The new tourist 2.0

Online strategies, both their own and those of third parties – that they find on the Internet about the job function email list different tourist establishments or companies. However. In some sectors. The tourism and hospitality industry does not seem to have reacted much – as a whole – to these changes. According to different studies. Medium and large hotels spend 60% of their budget online on advertising. But. This figure drops sharply when we refer to independent hotels (medium or small) . Restaurants or rural tourism companies. In my opinion. One of the great pending issues for these small or medium-sized entrepreneurs in the sector is: the landing. By their online marketing strategies. In social networks. Very few of them have a presence that could be considered.

job function email list

My first Hangout

The objective of this Hangout is. perhaps. To be able to discover together some Phone Database of the benefits that the tourism and hotel industry can find by including the use of different online platforms (web, blog. Social networks, etc.). In their strategies both management. Such as marketing and/or to communicate with your target audience. Photo: MorgueFile First Hangout in the Management Week of areas 1.0 to 2.0 in MeelowLab by José Facchin «2.0 strategies in tourism and hotel management. profiles on social networks the content. Comments or criticisms – both their own and those of third parties – that they find on the Internet about the different tourist establishments or companies. However, in some sectors.

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