Gerety Awards 2023 Registration Open

Registration for the fifth edition of the Greet Awards has opened and Madrid. Will be one of the headquarters of the Executive Jury. With Gemma Arias, General Manager of Creative Strategy at Kitchen. Serving as Ambassador and President of the Jury. The fifth Greet Awards will be held in London, Chicago, Dubai, Mumbai, Berlin, Bucharest, Australia/New Zealand, Madrid, Bogota and Stockholm. Each country’s executive jury will select the shortlist from the registered. Shortlisted portfolios as well as each country’s. Agency and Production Company of the Year awards.

New features for 2023 included

Register strategic segments and emerging business possibilities in Gerety Cut. Which includes for communications, media, innovation, B2B, health, pharmaceuticals, charity, entertainment, experiences and humor. Works that incorporate strategy are those that showcase creative executive email list examples of user experience. As well as strategy and planning for redefining a brand or product. Emerging business refers to new channels that organically use Metaverse, NFT, blockchain, AI, AR and other technologies and tools to comprehensively support the development of brands, products or services.


Madrid Ambassador Gemma Arias explains

Award to the great creative Frances Gerety. In a world filled with references of great men, it is necessary that we start curating references of great creative women on a daily Phone Database basis. This is what the Gerety Awards promotes, which makes it possible for us to create a space in which women in the industry can speak, Let’s listen to each other and understand each other. This is a unique opportunity to share, discuss criteria and judge creative work from a perspective equally relevant to half of the world’s population.

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