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The most successful affiliate programs have one thing in common: alliances. Why are alliances so important? Simple. Affiliate Programs understand that this. Professional is a commercial ally and offers all the necessary support to sell.  since they are the ones that perform better and generate more sales. However, in addition to alliances Above all there are other aspects that you must take into account. To build a good relationship with your affiliates and make your program successful.

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Clarifying from the beginning how your Affiliate. Program works and sharing it with people who want to sell your product is crucial. To achieve this, it is recommended. Detail what the product is about and why it is worth promoting it. Write a set of rules clarifying what your affiliates can and cannot do. Clarify what the requirements are so company data that they can affiliate with your product (in case you want to moderate affiliations). 

Define what the commission percentage of the product is, if it can change and if there are additional rewards for sales performance. Within the Hotmart platform you have a space to place this important information: the information tab for affiliates.

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If you see your affiliates as commercial allies who help you sell your products, you will also understand the importance of sharing with these people relevant Phone Database information and strategies that help them in that task. If you offer a base sales strategy that affiliates can start with, they will need less testing to know what works and what doesn’t. 

The clearer the path to achieving sales is, the less time it will take to achieve good performance.

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