How Much You Can Really Make From Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is touted as a great way to make recurring, passive income. With affiliate-focused brands like Wirecutter selling for about $30 million, it’s easy to see why. But how much money does the average affiliate marketer make, really? Is it actually a good business model? Today, I answer these questions and talk about how you can get your hands on some of this affiliate money too. Affiliate marketers make money by getting paid a commission to promote other people’s products or services.

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Have an affiliate link on your blog that sends people to purchase a product from Amazon, you’ll make a percentage of every sale that happens as a result of clicks on executive email list your link. Here’s what the dashboard looks like: However, it doesn’t have to only be physical products. You can also earn money as an affiliate for online courses or software. You may have seen videos on YouTube that are “sponsored by Skillshare” or “sponsored by Fiverr.” These platforms also have affiliate programs. Alternatively, you can also make money as an affiliate marketing manager of a company. I’ll touch on  employed managers make as well.  do affiliate marketers make? The average salary of an affiliate marketer, according to Glassdoor, is $59,060 per year.

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Including “additional pay” options like cash bonus, commission, tips, or profit sharing. However, this is for a salaried employee. What about a freelancer or Phone Database business owner doing their own affiliate marketing? According to a survey done by the Influencer Marketing Hub, here’s the breakdown: When it comes to answering how much money affiliate marketers make, you have to take into account actual net profit numbers—not just revenue. So profit is your actual take-home amount that your business produced for the year. That’s why I say most affiliate marketers make between $30K–$50K annually. This means profits after expenses.

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