Listicle Outreach How Hunter Built in Case Study

Every business wants to be featured in top industry listicles. This gets you more backlinks and visibility from websites that rank well for keywords like “best X tools” or “top products for X.” The problem is that listicle outreach is quite complicated. You need to identify the right listicles, as well as the right prospects to pitch your business to. Your cold email should provide value and be persuasive. Also, the success of your outreach depends a lot on the negotiation tactics you use. When I worked for Hunter, listicle outreach was the link building tactic that brought us the best results.

In our last campaign

We achieved these results in less than three months with only one person involved in the process: 96 new links from 54 domains 33 new mentions in product executive data listicles 17 upgraded positions in other listicles In this guide, I’ll explain how to use this technique to get dozens of links and mentions for your website in no time. I’ll also share some tips on improving your chances of success. Step 1. Find relevant listicles The first step in the  process is to define your targets. There are three key types of listicles that work well for this tactic. You can pick the one that works the best for you or target many categories at the same time (there are no strict rules).

Listicle Outreach Best options

Lists of products, services, or businesses united by a single topic. It can be a list of best SEO tools, top software for recruiters, etc. Alternative options – Lists of comparisons Phone Database focused on a specific industry, topic, or problem. Aura’s listicle on top LifeLock competitors is a great example. Guides that include lists – People often include lists in guides. For example, Ahrefs’ guide to finding email addresses includes tips on email lookup. One of the tips is to use email lookup services and the author, Nick Churick, shares a list of the best tools he tested. Once you’ve chosen a category (or many), brainstorm keywords and topics you can use to find listicles where your product or service will fit.

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