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Improve indoor air quality The regulations that regulate indoor air quality , Air quality in indoor environments has experienc growing social interest as a result of the pandemic that began at the beginning of , especially in multi-family buildings where a large number of people accumulate. permanent and traffic is, consequently, exceptionally intense and constant. The regulations that regulate indoor air quality: CTE and RITE The Strategic Health and Environment . Plan approved in November, has among its main objectives “ to . Protect the health of the population against the adverse effects deriv from poor air quality .” Among other aspects, the high cost for our health system , the vulnerability of the child population and the relationship with respiratory diseases are taken into account . In the same document it is explained that “ a poor quality of indoor environments (CAI) causes numerous.

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Respiratory, infectious, allergic, asthma and even cancer. There are numerous chemical factors (air quality, tobacco, construction and furniture . Aterials, radon, etc.) as well as physica thermal comfort, humidity) and biological (microbes, viruses and allergens) that influence . The health of the occupants of the buildings. The Spanish Cambodia Phone Number Data regulation on air quality is govern by the Technical Building Code (CTE) in section of , which is mandatory in . Residential buildings, inside them, warehouses waste, storage rooms, parking lots and garages .” Its objective is the eradication of contaminating . Elements commonly present in multi-family buildings. To do this, it establishes several methodologies . On concentration and minimum ventilation flows . For premises . With any other use than those mention in the CTE, the current regulations are the Regulations on Thermal Installations in Buildings (RITE), the last .

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Modification of which dates back to March . The regulations that regulate indoor air quality establish the following points in the preamble: The buildings will have means so that their rooms can be adequately ventilat, eliminating the pollutants that are normally produc during the normal use Cambodia Phone Number List of the buildings, so that a sufficient flow of outsideair is provi and the extraction and expulsion of the air is guarante. air foulby pollutants.of the interior air of buildings and the exterior environment on facades and patios, the evacuation of combustion products from thermal installations will generally occur through the roof of the building, regardless of the type of fuel. and the device used, in accordance with the specific regulations on thermal installations.

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