Ventilation of interior spaces in the post era

The outbreak of at the beginning of marks a profound before and after in a multitude . Essential aspects of our society the revaluation of science, new forms of consumption and communication, the ventilation . Interior spaces or a greater Attention to . The health of our environment are just some of the changes that are here to stay . And in our country alone, we have far exceed10 million infect and 100,000 deaths, figures for history. One of the fundamental . Aspects and of greatest concern during the pandemic crisis has been to guarantee the quality of the air in indoor spaces and their correct ventilation , since a high percentage of infections have occurr in clos spaces such as homes, shopping centers, offices and centers. work or public buildings. From the Siber blog we want to answer the following question: What practices should we maintain once the pandemic is over.

The impor tance of aerosols

According to a study publish by the World Health Organization , the inhabitants of modern societies spend up to 90% of their time in clos spaces . In this sense, society as a whole has . Become aware of, which are those particles or droplets that we expel when speaking, coughing or sneezing and which are a vehicle for virus transmission. These, especially in Canada Phone Number Data indoor spaces, have a high capacity to enter other organisms more easily and spread different types of diseases. According to . The guide publish by Acetyr , “renovation of the thermal installations of buildings must be undertaken urgently so as to ensure the minimum ventilation flows that guarantee the health of the indoor air and minimize Ventilation is necessary to eliminate compounds produc in occupi spaces such as CO2, humidity, dust, bioeffluents, microorganisms and volatile organic compounds.

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Recommendati ons for indoor ventilation systems

The pandemic has highlight the neto properly ventilate commercial premises, offices, schools, etc. In addition, it serves to prevent the spre of other diseases such as the flu, in addition to. Improving the health of indoor spaces with the advantages that it . Entails in terms of comfort, well-being, productivity and people’s health . The agency also Canada Phone Number List makes the following recommendations . Regarding the installation and maintenance of ventilation systems in buildings: For those spaces equipp with mechanical ventilation systems , the . Recommendation is to operate full time. In buildings without activity, it is not recommend . Turn off the ventilation and operation at reduc spe is preferable. As a general rule, it is reasonable to provide as much outside air as possible and a non-concentrated distribution of occupants to improve the dilution effect of ventilation. In buildings without mechanical ventilation systems , the active use of opening windows is recomme minutes before use.

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