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The quality of the air inside the home is an essential element to generate comfort and well-being in terms of health . According to data from the World Health Organization air pollution causes more than 4 million premature deaths every year and is consider a carcinogen by the International Cancer Agency. Likewise, it is related to a multitude of ailments and diseases that worsen health as a whole. Furthermore, adequate ventilation in the home provides a feeling of comfort and well-being with multiple benefits for the quality of life of its occupants. And living in a space in which the air is fresh, clean and free of odors or humidity results in better concentration, productivity or quality of sleep, among other key objective and subjective aspects. Ventilation (CMV) and how does it generate comfort.

What is Con trolled Mechanical

well-beingThe evolution of technological. Processes as well as the improvement in . Construction processes of both large buildings and single-family or . Multi-family homes has to a clear improvement in ventilation systems, which has occur especially in . Recent decades. We have gone from something as simple as opening doors and windows to . Incl uding ventilation from an architectural point of view and Belgium Phone Number Data the  use of complex and highly efficient ventilation systems. Among the latter, controlled mechanical ventilation (VMC) systems stand out . In a few words and synthetically, they are characterized by the use of fans to renew the air in interior spaces. As we will see below, there are multiple systems , from the simplest to the most complex, which are equipp with high-tech equipment that allows the optimization of the air quality obtainthermal regulation and energy efficiency of the whole Mechanical intake ventilation systems.

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Advant ages of VMC compar

These are solutions in which air is extracted naturally, normally through the use of grilles and infiltrations. The entry of air from the outside is done through fans that propel it into the rooms. Mechanical . Extraction ventilation systems. In this case, the air enters from the outside Brazil Phone Number List naturally thanks to . Intake grilles that connect to each of the rooms. To extract the air we have controll . Mechanical ventilation (VMC), which will eliminate any air that mayThey are better known as dual-flow mechanical . Ventilation systems. Both air intake and extraction . Are carrie out mechanically with fans. They are the safest and most advanc . Option, since they allow air renewal to be regulat in its entirety. The air enters filtered and is of the highest quality, in addition to being the most energy efficient systems.





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