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ave time and customers with Italiaonline’s digital offer  HOW Each webinar , alongside the lecture by a sector expert, also includes the analysis of case studies, practical exercises, direct discussion both with teachers and with external people who will report their testimony related to exports . Webinar calendar The first webinar will be on September 23rd from 10am to 1pm and will focus on the theme “European planning as a tool for the development of SMEs and markets”. During the meeting numerous practical examples will be discussed.

There are seven webinars in total

And will last until December. The complete Spain Phone Number Data calendar of meetings, which are free, is available on the Chamber of Commerce website . Interested parties can decide to participate in just one event . How to participate To participate in one or more webinars, simply access the Chamber of Commerce web page where the calendar is located and select the link under the individual event. The registration form will open where the interested party will enter their data. On ecided to launch its new feature called Reels: here’s how Instagram Reels works and how it can be used for corporate communication Published on September 16, 2020 Alt text The great success of TikTok, especially among the very young, pushed

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Mark Zuckerberg to launch Instagram Reels 

This new feature, having  . Completed the testing period in Thailand Phone Number List Brazil, began its gradual rollout in .  August 2020 in Italy and the rest of the world, for .  Both iOS and Android devices. Instagram Reels, although it is a product very similar to what is already offered by .  TikTok, represents a further important channel for corporate communication. The example of Snapchat Snaps and Instagram Stories, in fact, demonstrates how the platform owned by .  Mark Zuckerberg is well able to replicate (and even surpass) the most successful characteristics of its competitors.

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