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To best promote your products and services through Instagram Reels, you need to know precisely what Reels are and how they work , how to create them and what advantages they offer to companies that decide to use them. This guide dedicated to Instagram Reels explains all of this. What is Instagram Reels Instagram Reels is the new feature of the social network owned by Mark Zuckerberg focused on Reels, that is, videos in multi-clip format lasting 15 seconds to which it is possible to add audio, texts and visual effects in augmented reality , in a all similar to the videos that have been possible for some time now on the competing platform TikTok. Create the best campaigns on Facebook and Instagram  HOW

How Instagram Reels works

To create a Reel on Instagram  you must, first Sweden Phone Number Data of all, open the application on your smartphone and click on the “+” at the top left of the “Your story” icon. On the new screen, you then need to scroll through the options at the . Bottom until you reach the “Reel” item. At this point, once all the previous steps have been completed, a yellow-pink clapperboard (the Instagram Reels logo) appears on the screen and, on the left, all the tools necessary to create your video. You can add a song and, in general, manage the audio of your Reel. Another tool allows you to choose augmented reality visual effects to create a more original and fun movie. The Timer is used to set the countdown if you want to start recording automatically after pressing the appropriate button.

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The Align function  on the other hand

Allows you to refine the alignment of the subjects . Before Turkey Phone Number List recording the new clip starting from the . Previous one, thus making the transitions from one clip to another more fluid. Furthermore, you can adjust the speed of the movie. To speed it up or slow it down based on the chosen effect. It is possible to create an Instagram Reel by creating the clips one by one or all at once, but you can also use the videos that are present in the gallery of your device. To create the first clip you need to click and hold the “Record” button.

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