Mechanical Ventilation to improve the energy certification scale

Fortunately, environmental care is increasingly taken into account in the construction sector. There are many measures that are taken to make homes increasingly more efficient. In the following lines we want to show you how mechanical ventilation can be used to improve on the energy certification scale. Ventilation to guarantee indoor air quality is includ in the Technical Building Code (CTE) in section 3 of the Basic Health Document (DB HS) and is mandatory for the design of buildings for residential use, both in inside homes such as garbage storage areas, storage rooms, parking lots and garages. All homes must have a ventilation system , whether mechanical or hybrid. In no case can it be natural ventilation. Ventilation has two different purposes: Eliminate humidity and CO 2 from the home. Eliminate.

Why is mechanical ventilation importa nt to improve on the energy certification scale?

Volatile organic compounds and other contaminants that are present anywhere in the home. It must be taken into account that good air quality is necessary to have a comfortable environment and also to prevent different diseases. In addition, it largely prevents the appearance of Singapore Phone Number Data mold inside and the possible degradation of the construction materials used. As is evident, ventilation greatly influences the energy consumption of a home. Whether a home loses or gains heat influences its need for heating or cooling respectively . The more heat is lost in winter, the more heating is needed. The more heat infiltrates in summer, the more need there will be for cooling. Of course, the more energy efficient the home is, the better it will score on the energy efficiency rating scale. Therefore.

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What is a mech anical ventilation system?

Having a mechanical ventilation system is key to achieving that good rating. Mechanical ventilation consists of a machine that pushes clean air into the home and extracts stale air by expelling.  It outside, using two fans for each function. Furthermore, inside the machine both types of air intersect. without mixing them, so that the outgoing stale air gives  . Up heat to the incoming  Switzerland Phone Number List clean air. We call this process heat exchange. In summer it happens the other way around, the hot air from outside gives up part of the heat to the cold air that leaves, thus the temperature of the air that enters will be lower. In addition, it also manages to filter the air that comes in from outside , so there is a lower amount of dust in the home. Without forgetting that it regulates humidity.

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