How to obtain the Energy Efficiency Certificate with mechanical ventilation

The energy certificate is a document that is essential both for selling and renting a property. This document contains the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of the property in question. In Spain it has been mandatory since June and is regulat by Royal Decree . Furthermore, this certificate has its origin in a European Directive to which all member states have already joined. Below we show you how to obtain the Energy Efficiency Certificate with mechanical ventilation. Within this Energy Efficiency Certificate, one of the most notable aspects has to do with the ventilation and air . Renovations of the home or premises that you want to sell or rent.

How to obtain the Ener gy Efficiency Certificate with mechanical ventilation

Since they are different. When it comes to a home, the document that is responsible for regulating ventilation is the Basic . Document HS3 , Basic Health Requirements, of the CTE Technical Building Code. For commercial premises that have a use . Other than housing, the regulation that is taken into account for ventilation is the RITE, the Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings. It appears in the section dedicate to . Interior quality , which marks the minimum Saudi Phone Arabia Number Data provisions that you will have to include in order to attend to . Thermal well-being and hygiene through heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water installations. The goal is for energy to be us rationally. Depending on the location of the premises, it will be necessary to . Choose one ventilation system or another, but it must always be guarante .  That the air quality is adequate and that the air circulates inside the premises efficiently . Mechanical ventilation is the best option, but there may also be other alternatives such as hybrid.

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What must different build ings comply with to obtain the Energy

Natural systems. When it works correctly, it guarantees that the premises are free of smoke, chemical contaminants or the concentration of any other substance that could harm the health of workers. In addition, it must be guaranteed that . The quality of the air coming in from outside is adequate and for this purpose it will be necessary to have filters or other similar elements so Sweden Phone Number List that the air coming in is as pure as possible. To obtain the Energy Efficiency Certificate with mechanical ventilation, it must be verified that the facilities are correct and that they function properly. Homes must have a flow of outdoor air that is sufficient to achieve an average annual CO2 concentration in each room of less than 900 ppm and that the annual accumulated CO2 that exceeds 1,600 ppm is less than 500,000 ppm•h. If you have any questions about how to obtain the Energy Efficiency Certificate with mechanical ventilation.

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