Modifications to the CTE after the publication of

Some requirements have changed to comply with the guidelines and regulations of the European Union regarding energy efficiency in buildings and international commitments regarding climate and energy. These changes have been publish in the Official State Gazette, BOE. Below we show you the modifications to the CTE after the publication of RD . The changes that have occurre serve so that the CTE, the Technical Building Code, can adapt to the new requirements that are design . To optimize buildings in terms of energy efficiency, health, comfort and safety of those who live in the homes . This Royal Decree has arisen due to the need to respond to the new regulations that appear in both Directive EU and.

What modifications to the CTE af ter the publication of RD  should you know?

All buildings that are built once this new regulation comes into force will have high energy efficiency and will also use a large amount of energy from renewable sources. In this way, they will consume 40% less than current buildings on average. The new Royal South Africa Phone Number Data Decree seeks to optimize the thermal envelopes of buildings in terms of quality. In addition, it will promote the use of more efficient and more sustainable technologies. In this way, homes will be more comfortable and will consume the minimum amount of energy. Furthermore, another of the modifications to the CTE after the publication of RD is that the requirements regarding energy efficiency are update to comply with Directive which states that it is mandatory to carry out this review periodically.

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What other modifications to the CTE after the  publication of RD to be complied with?

Below we want you to know other modifications to the CTE after the publication of RD 732/2019 that will be mandatory : Modifications to the Basic Document DB-HE on Energy Savings, which analyzes the minimum energy efficiency values ​​that all buildings are requir to meet. In the DB-HS Basic Taiwan Phone Number List Health Document, HS 6 on Protection against exposure to radon there is a new section. It shows that it is mandatory that buildings located in locations that have a certain level of risk have the necessary means to limit said risk of inadequate exposure to radon in the ground. Protective barrier between the land and the habitable premises of the building. A ventilated containment space A ground.


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