Marketing in Kazakh – what is it like?

Competition exists in any country. However, in Kazakhstan there is an opportunity to develop in those niches that are not occupied. At this Marketing in stage, the Kazakhs are in the process of leaving Russia’s influence, which will lead to a lack of experience. For Ukrainian entrepreneurs, this is an opportunity to enter the market on time, share their knowledge and develop. Depending on the niche, the competition will be different. In this matter, it is better to do a competitor analysis and Marketing in conduct research.

Marketing in Denis:

In our case, Competitors in the smart home niche differ little from country to country. The main ones are the KNX association. We compared the Cell Phone Number List functional features of our system to our competitors and examined how they build their marketing. Kazakhstan does not have a middle price segment in automation systems. There are either expensive systems like Crestron, KNX, as well as the popular Russian company Wiren Board, or inexpensive Chinese HDL.

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Anna: I think there are many advertising

Agencies like ours. We need to do research. There is competition, there will be competition, and that’s normal, because the country is big and there Australia Phone Number List  Are a lot of young people there. Companies and startups are now opening in Kazakhstan, looking for new ways of working. Having experience, we can offer options. That would be a cool synergy. There is prospects for Ukrainian business there. Many niches that we have filled, but they do not have enough offers.

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