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Price Free. Marketing Automation and Lead Tools Let’s face it. there are only hours in a day. You don’t want to waste time manually sharing every blog post on social mia or sending individual emails. right These tools will automate some time-consuming tasks for you. Buffer Example of using Buffer to schule publishing What it is Social mia schuling tool Why I love it Posting the same content on four different social mia channels is cumbersome and a waste of time. With Buffer. I can push updates across channels from one dashboard and see how they perform. without having to log in and publish to each channel individually

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I also hir a freelancer and train her to schule all of my blog posts into all channels on Buffer. so I could kill two birds with one stone and save a lot of time. at per channel per month. ConvertKit ConvertKit email broadcast example What it is Whatsapp Mobile Number List Email newsletter automation tool. Why I like it I like how intuitive and easy ConvertKit is. I’ve tri Mailchimp. BirdSend. and a few other email marketing tools. but none are as easy as ConvertKit. I also like ConvertKit’s powerful automation features. which allow me to set up customiz email drip campaigns targeting different audience groups.

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Increasing engagement rates by creating highly personaliz emails. Price Free for up to users per month thereafter. FURTHER READING Simple Indonesia Phone Number List But Effective Ways to Grow Your Email List Zapier Zapier zap automation example. What it is Automation API. Why I love it What’s wrong with automation I use. Zapier to send emails when someone fills out my. Typeforms to inquire about my services. but there’s a lot you can do with it. Take a look at its list of examples and you’ll be inspir.

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