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Is around millio The science of big data is the basis of the search for influencers for the Kids. Choice Awards, the most important American event that rewards the best characters of. The year in television, cinema and music, chosen by young Nickelodeon viewers. Finding the right social influencer to promote your brand is like looking for a nele in a haystack. Those of us who work in this sector know this very well. When Nickelodeon’s social mia team had to choose influencers to promote their flagship show, the Kids’ Choice Awards, they set up a structur search.

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With advertiser objectives and the demographics seo expate bd of its target. Viewer to evaluate the campaign’s investment reach and audience size. “ It’s a little art and a little science. Tim McCormack Vice President Social Team Nickelodeon Finding the right influencer is no longer a matter of hiring the person with the most followers. The scouting activity consists of choosing influencers who address your demographic audience, evaluating all the psycho-sociological aspects that neuroscience can offer. “ Influencer marketing is a discipline. It must be collaborative, a fusion of content and business. Evy Wilkins Vice President Traackr – influencer management platform.

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The influencers chose

By Nickelodeon have two things in common Phone Database they are family-friendly and on-brand. The influencers hir for the Kids’ Choice Awards have millions of subscribers on their social channels but each attracts a slightly different audience: the Slyfox family who posts tongue-in-cheek videos featuring parents Hannah and Andrew and their children Jayn and Caspian; Devin Graham aka, Devinsupertramp, is an extreme sports enthusiast who records himself dabbling in bungee jumping and barefoot water skiing; JoJo Siwa the star of Dance Moms, the very famous American reality show on Lifetime; Eh Bees who are a family of four, Mama Bee, Papa Bee and Mr. and Miss Monkey, famous for posting bizarre videos on Vine.

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