Humidity in cold waves: protect your home from

One of the worst enemies of your home is . Water vapor in the air, and it is even much worse when the weather is bad. The cold is a great enhancer of its harmful effects, and it is . Important to know how to protect yourself from humidity in cold waves , a phenomenon that can also be very harmful to . Your home if you are not prepared to combat it. The first months of the year are those that tend to . Suffer the most cold waves , as has been seen in the Unit States, where some cities have seen thermometers drop to  . The humidity in the environment significantly influences the thermal sensation and how the cold affects us, but not only outdoors. Inside our homes and in the workplace, humidity is also an enemy to take into account. The most common question is how humidity affects winter.

How to combat hum idity in cold waves

Answer it, we must take into account that many studies explain that if there is greater humidity our body evaporates less water, which gives us a feeling of less refreshment, which is why in summer humidity can make us suffer more. However, if we extrapolated this theory to the cold months, we would think that a humid place in winter should be more Turkey WhatsApp Number Data bearable. But it’s not like that. The fact that humidity in winter worsens the thermal sensation is due to the fact that people wear clothes. Water vapor in the air can create a light layer of moisture in the fibers of our clothing, which will remove heat from the fabrics we wear, so ultimately the humidity makes us feel colder in winter.

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That it has been very cold on a very humid day , they are probably right. So we could conclude that, certainly, humidity in cold waves can be a huge problem for health and also for comfort. Are our Taiwan WhatsApp Number List houses ready? Mainly, we have to combat humidity in the home. But, unfortunately, too many homes that do not do so are not prepared to face large drops in temperature. Furthermore, humidity in homes can have serious consequences for health if we neglect it. In times of cold and winter, it is possible to develop prolonged colds and the cause is not the cold, but the humidity. A humid environment in winter can cause diseases that persist over time among those who.

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