Hybrid or mechanical ventilation which system to choose?

Climatology in ventilation The importance of the .  Weather in the home is lost on no one . In coastal areas, for example, spring and autumn can be very . Bearable indoors, while if homes are not prepare it is easy to suffer through summers and winters. But the influence of climate goes much further, and ventilation climate affects how our mechanical systems act. Historically, buildings were built without taking into account the climate or how inclement weather would affect it. Currently, thermal insulation is one of the maxims in modern construction, not only due to awareness, but also because it is mandatory in the Technical Building Code . But beyond that, it is necessary to monitor the weather.

How to control the we ather when installing a ventilation system?

Will affect buildings and mechanical ventilation systems . Before erecting a building, where can we take into account the weather conditions relative to the buildings? Orientation facing the sun. Depending on which way you look at the construction, it will have certain Taiwan WhatsApp Number Data  conditions or others. We can take advantage of it in winter to heat naturally or take it into account in summer so that it does not affect the interiors. Wind in the area. Ventilated roofs and facades can cool in summer and heat in winter. If there is more wind, this natural air conditioning mechanism can work better. Humidity. The amount of water vapor in the air is a critical factor in the temperatures inside the home and also the comfort in the home. temperatures. If it is a cold or warm climate, the installation of air conditioning and ventilation systems will be different. Currently, in order to have greater comfort in the home.

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Thermal insulatio n and mechanical

Ventilation must be taken into account above all. With airtightness, the cold of winter and the heat . Summer do not enter our homes, but since the air is not filterd, it is use mechanical ventilation systems . With them, in addition to improving indoor Spain WhatsApp Number List health , it is also possible to improve the temperatures and humidity we have in our homes. With a double flow ventilation system we can renew the air indoors with higher quality and temper filter air, which prevents us from using traditional air conditioning methods. It is possible to enjoy hot air in winter and cool air in summer at no cost, beyond the minimum consumption of the fans. But the external weather affects each project individually, so the meteorological conditions must be taken into account in a particular way.


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