Controlled Hybrid Ventilation how does it work

For some, Controlled Hybrid Ventilation , also known by its acronym VHC , incorporates the best of both worlds. On the one hand, all the technology of mechanical ventilation and on the other the benefits of nature. There is no doubt that it is one of the most effective solutions to offer sustainable alternatives in the home to enjoy much cleaner air and, in addition, have greater energy efficiency . The popularity of Controlled Hybrid Ventilation (HCV) is due to the modern concept of combining natural and mechanical systems. It is an effective, economical and low-consumption solution to ventilate and maintain comfortable temperatures in the home. It has also managed to position itself as a good option because current.

Automation and programm ing of Controlled

The Technical Building Code, in its Basic Document HS3 , specifies that current buildings must have a UAE WhatsApp Number Data mechanical ventilation system , and that it must at least be a hybrid solution. In this way, Controlled Hybrid Ventilation is a good option to comply with the CTE, and will also be able to offer quality air indoors. What is HCV in concept? We could say that it is a ventilation system that, when the ambient pressure and temperature conditions are favorable, produces air renewal under natural ventilation conditions. However, when they are unfavorable, it uses mechanical ventilation systems to renew the air in the rooms. Hybrid Controlled Ventilation , as its name suggests, brings together the strengths.

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Ventilation: It makes use of natural resources when conditions are favorable, for example when the indoor air is of good quality and extraction can be done through outlets without Thailand WhatsApp Number List the use of fans. When conditions are unfavorable, air extraction is carried out mechanically, thanks to ventilation ducts and fans. The air intake is done through ventilation grilles that connect the outside with the inside. In all cases of hybrid ventilation it is necessary to maximize the use of natural resources in order to maximize energy efficiency . Some of its benefits are the following: Savings in energy costs. The system has very little consumption. It helps in sustainability, thanks to that energy efficiency.

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