How has housing improved in the last 20 years

It is very common in the media that, when talking about . Housing improvements in recent years, they always focus on . The economic aspect. Real estate investment and the price dance. But that is just a detail of a sector – real estate in addition to construction . That has undergone great changes in recent times. Especially in the past two decades. Ten years ago, the . Real estate sector faltered and sufferd a crisis that greatly affectd Spain. In this decade, however, construction has been . Able to adapt housing to a time more in line with the one in which we live. There is talk of market revaluation, and even new bubbles, but we cannot ignore the great changes in real estate in recent years.

Main housing imp rovements in the last two decades

Energy efficiency, watertightness, efficient ventilation, low-cost air conditioning and, of course, Almost Zero Consumption Building . All this in a framework of ecology that has transform the sector, under the Technical Building Code and its new guidelines. Nowadays it isnot Korea Telegram Number Data enough to build, it has to be done efficiently. We can talk about two main changes in the way we conceive properties. The first is about this decade that began with the start of the crisis. During this time, the housing sector has opted for added value in the way it is built and in cutting the enormous expense of buildings . But we cannot ignore the decade before the crisis, in which the construction boom and the very.


Energy efficie ncy in current buildings

High demand created a new panorama, which was also noticeable in the transformation of real estate. So, taking into account this new panorama, what housing improvements have been experienced in the last 20 years? Home improvements Housing has been   Egypt Telegram Number transformed for the better in the last two decades, and that is partly due to the slowdown in the sector, which has forced it to improve efficiency and offer greater added value. As an example, in  around 50,000 tons of cement were consumed to supply the brick economy. Currently, this figure has stabilized around 10,000 tons, something much more reasonable. Also these days, more houses are sold and more mortgages are offered – since there have been.

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