Excess water vapor in the air and how to choose

We are already in the middle of winter and our homes are facing all the problems derivfrom the drop in temperatures. Such as the effect of cold on windows and walls. But one of the biggest problems is the excess humidity that occurs most strongly in the months when temperatures drop. How can we combat it? First of all, knowing what level of water vapor in the air we have thanks to the humidity sensors . It must be taken into account that humidity problems in Spain are usually due to excess, since even in dry climates the water vapor in the air is not usually too low – although a humidifier can help us in such situations -, so the problem of high humidity is normally taken into account .

How to combat exce ss humidity in our homes

In order to know exactly if we have excess water vapor in the air , the ideal is to use a humidity sensor , which is usually known as hygrometers . There are mechanical, infrare capacitive or resistive, among others. However, how to choose the best humidity sensor for Netherlands Telegram Number Data our home? It will be different for each specific case, always depending on our nees. But we could take into account the following factors: Hygrometer accuracy. There are analog and digital ones, and in principle the latter are more accurate than the former. Normally, they all have a degree of error, but depending on the mode they are, they may or may not be more exact. In some cases where we simply want to know if there is excess humidity or not, we will be able to use the analog and more inaccurate ones.


Sensor respon se time

Depending on changes in temperature and humidity, the sensors . Will take time to adapt to . The new conditions and assess whether there is an increase or decrease. In mechanical . Ventilation Ethiopia  systems Ethiopia Telegram Number onnect to sensors, it is better to have those with a shorter response time. Repeatability. Do you want to know if your humidity sensor works optimally or is more reliable? For that, repeatability will help you. It is understood that, if at different times with little time difference the value deliver by the hygrometer is the same or almost the same, it is a good sensor. Operating intervals. There are some hygrometers that measure very high interval processes. Typically, they are not the best option.

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