Energy remodeling: how to improve home efficiency

Energy remodeling With the beginning of the new year, the final countdown for the implementation of the obligation in all new construction to apply the Almost Zero Consumption Building guidelines can now be launch . Starting in, all new construction will have to comply with these standards. But what about the old building stock? Along the same path, the energy remodeling regulations come to resolve the same problem in the old Spanish housing stock.  And, unfortunately, they have poor insulation and materials that prioritiz savings in materials instead of quality. Which translates into a worse quality of life for its inhabitants in addition to exorbitant spending on supplies. All this in a country where a quarter.

Prepare an energy rem odeling plan for homes

The total energy is spent indoors and in whose cities the greatest energy consumption is that of buildings. Therefore, efficient remodeling – with an emphasis on improving insulation and ventilation to avoid energy consumption – is not just an option. But it is a Indonesia Telegram Number Data necessity. And it is a necessity because the European guidelines force the level of CO2 emissions to be lower in 2020. The ideal level would be a ruction of  and for this old buildings are of capital importance. If we want to make a home more energy efficient , the main element to reform is the air conditioning, since 50% of a home’s consumption annually originates from spending on supplies to find thermal comfort. Replacing old heating or air conditioning equipment and opting for better tightness and the use of mechanical ventilation can mean an improvement for those who live in the home and also for the cities. In addition to improving.


Aid and subsidi es for energy remodeling

Sustainability. However, implementing an energy remodeling plan can seem complex and expensive. The reality is that the initial investment expense is recoverd in a reasonable China Telegram Number period of time thanks to the great savings in energy consumption. How do we carry it out? Home renovations The plan to be develop for energy remodeling in a home will always depend on the type of property in question. There is no standardize solution, but it must be carri out in a personaliz way, although there are a series of keys that are usually repeat in all cases, such as the ne for mechanical ventilation systems and greater tightness. The different variables that must be taken into account in a reform plan to improve energy efficiency are usually: The geographical idiosyncrasy of the place. In Spain we have a great variety of climates and.

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