Lung cancer due to radon gas

Lung cancer from radon gas From the age of 50, one of the most fearmalignant tumors can appear in us, lung cancer . In other cases, however, it may arrive earlier or later, but in the majority it is usually in their fifties. And taking into account that it is one of the worst diseases we can suffer from, shouldn’t we worry about its causes? Especially knowing that the second biggest cause of lung cancer is radon gas . This gas is an almost undetectable substance that is present in many Spanish homes. Normally, the population is concerne about malignant lung tumors taking into account the effects of tobacco, both in smokers and non-smokers, since it is the main cause of the disease.

What is radon g as and how does it cause lung cancer?

But it is not certain jobs or pollution that is the next cause of the disease, but radon gas , so we must be prepar for it if we are in a risk area. How do the first symptoms of lung cancer causby radon Saudi Arabia Telegram Number Data gas manifest ? They usually appear in men over the age of 50, although there are 11% of cases in people under that age and 22% in women. Normally, patients who suffer from this disease usually realize it after a lung infection that is difficult to cure. That is a key moment to know if the disease could have been contract. The problem is that many people think that, if they are not smokers, there is no risk of this malignant tumor appearing. Nothing is further from reality. According to a study by the medical consultancy Small Cell, non-smokers can easily suffer from lung cancer with high concentrations of radon gas.


How did we g et to this situation due to lack of air renewal?

The problem is that the diagnosis is made when the cancer is already in the metastatic phase. What does this mean? Basically, it’s already spread and will ne treatment. Data can also be France Telegram Number look at to take into account the influence of radon gas . According to the same Small Cell study, 113 cases were analyze in Galicia . The most affect region – and of them up to . Were affect by this gas. Although it is true that in many cases the problem was a combination of . Radon gas and the influence of tobacco consumption.

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