Double flow ventilation in winter, how to improve our

Winter is coming and many people are already afraid of two of the complications associated with low temperatures: possible health problems and the energy expenditure associated with heating. Health, obviously, suffers from the cold and in our homes traditional air conditioning systems have always caused great energy expenditure to combat these low temperatures. However, both problems can be solved with the use of dual-flow ventilation systems . Furthermore, we can say that they are the best current solution to improve indoor air quality and also minimize energy consumption. The building sector looks towards the necessary energy efficiency . Houses and work centers with better construction materials, a commitment to renewable energy and an effort to eliminate energy waste as much.

Advantages of d ual flow ventilation systems

Possible. Not in vain, in just over a year it will be mandatory for all constructions carri out in our country to be Almost Zero Consumption Buildings . And one of the measures that is implicit Vietnam Telegram Number Data in this will be the use of mechanical ventilation systems . What does a dual-flow ventilation system mean at home or in our workplace? Improves the health of the people who live in the rooms. The air is filtere, so you breathe much better. Diseases are avoidd and the air is clean of germs, bacteria and particles. Air conditioning is improv in an ecological way. In winter it is possible to enjoy a milder temperature. Before understanding what the dual flow system is , you must understand what the use of mechanical ventilation entails. Mechanical ventilation systems are the most effective way to renew air in buildings. With this, they guarantee the necessary health in our homes and workplaces.


Air conditioning  in winter thanks to double flow ventilation

Necessary to open the windows. Its obligation will be evident starting in 2020 with the implementation . legislation that will make all buildings almost zero consumption. And the ne for ventilation China Telegram Number systems is includ in the Technical Building Code, in the HS3 Basic Document. The air in rooms deteriorates regularly, and precisely. What mechanical ventilation systems do is extract it, and then allow clean air to enter. In this sense, it is essential to take into account two . Important factors that make them totally different from traditional ventilation and air conditioning mechanisms: Mechanical . Ventilation systems are on constantly , they do not have an off button. This is because they have nothing to do with air conditioning systems, the air renewal must be constant.

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