Thermal insulation to avoid energy consumption

Winter is coming and many homes are turning on the heating. Or those who notice that their homes are too cold consider installing a traditional air conditioning system. But, if we want to maintain a pleasant temperature and ensure that low temperatures do not penetrate the house, the most energy efficient thing to do is to opt for thermal insulation . After all, it is the way that will save us the most on energy at home. In Spain, the old building stock has many homes in a rather poor situation in terms of watertightness. They are those homes where it is very cold in winter and too hot in summer. If, in addition, they are located on the highest floors of a building, the thermal sensation can be very negative. When winter came, the common saying was that if you were cold, put on a blanket.

Mechanical ventilat ion, the best ally of thermal insulation

Wouldn’t it be much more efficient to put a blanket around the house? This would prevent discomfort throughout the home. Well, that’s what thermal insulation is about , it is a blanket that protects the home from the outside storm. And, unlike the blankets we use, it helps to have good climatic comfort both in summer and winter. Nowadays, houses are Belgium Telegram Number Data made much more insulated and watertightness is more respected, but in the past we sought to minimize the cost and compensate with heating and air conditioning systems. This means that today too many homes suffer from energy poverty problems , since they have a disproportionate consumption of supplies to be able to keep their rooms cooled or warm. If we compensate for the way the cold seeps into our homes with greater heating consumption, what we will be creating is an ineffective situation: The artificial heat of traditional air condit.


Houses with de ficiencies

Their thermal insulation , in too many cases, is uneven in different points of the same room. The heat from the heating usually stays in the elevated areas of a room, giving a sensation of a cold floor and a thick head. There is no air circulation, so respiratory problems can appear India Telegram Number due to stale air . On the other hand, with greater tightness that guarantees thermal insulation we will not have these problems, because there will be no contrast between the cold inside the home and the heat emitted by the air conditioning source. We will gain health and, in addition, we will save on energy. What can it mean to put better thermal insulation at home ? Savings on sup.

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