Ventilate rooms without windows and in closed bathrooms

Historically, it was very common to think that ventilation was simply opening the windows. But airing a room is much more than that, and it can be very important when it comes to closed spaces. Above all, where humidity can be stored, such as bathrooms. It is necessary to be able to ventilate closed rooms as best as possible to avoid health problems and gain comfort within the home. Many of the old buildings in Spain have closed rooms and above all bathrooms without windows. Other affected places are storage rooms and even rooms. However, sinks are the most complicated places, since they are humid rooms and can be affected by humidity problems and generate stale air .

Extractor fansĀ  to ventilate rooms without windows

Next Generation Guide How do we know if we need to ventilate closed rooms such as bathrooms? Bad odors are a clear indication that something is happening and we need to ventilate the affected area. Humidity marks can alert us that there is excess water vapor in the environment. If we suffer any respiratory complications or cough, it could be Taiwan Telegram Number Data due to spending time in said room without ventilation . If we analyze the regulations, the Technical Building Code warns in its HS Basic Document on health that air must circulate from dry to humid rooms, and therefore there must be intake openings in areas such as living rooms or bedrooms. . While in the toilets – which are humid areas and can be closed – they must have air extraction openings. In other words, it is essential that the air enters from the outside through the intake grilles in dry areas – or through the windows if there are no ventilation.


Systems or if t hey are old buildings

Then exits through the rooms. wet. Among them are bathrooms, where it is very necessary to ventilate closed spaces . What is the best way? By using extractors . The regulations in . The HS Basic Germany Telegram Number Document on health do not specify . That the use of a bathroom extractor is necessary , but if there is no mechanical . Ventilation system it is practically the only simple and viable option. Extractors can also be use in . Other types of places, such as basements or storage rooms, where we . Will not spend much time but where the air can also get dirty. It is essential to get rid of stale air , which also tends to form in places where it is cleaned or where chemicals are present. Air renewal Efficient bathroom extractors

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