Design of ventilation systems in the digital age

Ventilation systems have evolvĀ  thanks to digital transformation and the development of . New applications and methodologies . That facilitate their design, installation and maintenance. Currently there are tools and applications that allow us to . Correct installation defects in time, thus allowing us to optimize their . Operation and extend the useful life of ventilation systems. These advances have been so useful that over the years they have achieve rapid inclusion in the market and broad projection within the sector. Today ventilation systems are a fundamental element in the structure of the building and its energy efficiency.

The role of digitaliz ation in the design of ventilation systems

Like other elements that allow the correct execution of the different functions of a building, they have been integrating new technologies that allow their operating process to be digitalized. These tools help us track your activity throughout the day, know its Spain Phone Number Data visual impact in advance and optimize network operation with other systems such as heating and lighting. One of the procedures that we can use to achieve this digitization is the BIM methodology . With it we manage to centralize information and optimize ventilation systems in projects. This methodology provides us with information related to energy consumption, aerodynamic or acoustic data or the interaction of the different.

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BIM: The key to ac hiev ing the objective

Systems that make up a building or home. Augmented reality is another tool that makes it more flexible and facilitates the understanding of the structural and aesthetic impact of ventilation ducts by converting real environments into virtual elements. Applications Thailand Phone Number List such as SIBER AR give the possibility of visualizing the installation of ventilation systems in a three-dimensional plan of a home. BIM represents a true revolution that in a very short time is changing the work methods thatĀ  traditionally used. Thanks to this methodology, the real construction process is imitated, trying to group the work of designers, builders and other actors in a construction process in the same place. In this way, time savings are achiev optimizing processes, and improving the quality and.

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