Main components of a ventilation system and their importance

Main components of a ventilation system and their importance A ventilation system is the method and elements used to ventilate a closed space. However, currently this equipment has been moderniz and the new CTE regulations contemplate improving the performance of buildings to guarantee health, comfort and safety . Below we show you the main components of a ventilation system and their importance. An important aspect that must be taken into account before knowing its components is the way in which ventilation systems are classifi.

How are ventila tion systems classified?

Taking into account the system us to ventilate. Depending on the type of premises you want to ventilate. We review the different ventilation systems that you can find: Simple flow systems. They have VMC (Controlled Mechanical Ventilation) equipment to extract Switzerland Phone Number Data contaminated air through networks of ducts that expel it to the outside. A constant “sweep effect” takes place. It is the simplest and does not control the air intake. Double flow systems. In addition to extracting contaminated air and expelling it outside, they also treat the air that enters the interior. They are the most used today, since they offer better indoor air quality . They have a heat recovery that enables a reduction in energy consumption and, consequently, considerable economic savings. Support and advice throughout the installation When.

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What are the main compo nents of a dual flow ventilation system?

The class of the ventilat space is taken into account , there are three different ventilation systems, they are these: Domestic/Residential: those found in all types of homes , single-family or multi-family (individual or collective facilities). Tertiary: also called Turkey Phone Number List commercial. They are installed in premises that have a professional occupation, such as hospitals, institutes, shops, offices… Industrial: those that are placin factories and industrial warehouses. As we said in the previous section, double flow ventilation systems are the most used today due to their different advantages. Therefore, it is interesting that you know what the main components of a ventilation system of this kind are: Filter. It is essential that the ventilation system has an air filter that.

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