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In fact, each color conveys a very specific meaning. This also makes the difference between an effective blog image and an unattractive and evocative image. Pay attention to internal balances As we have just had the opportunity to underline, the image of an article must be consistent with the overall visual of the blog. Not only that: it must respect the internal balance of the entire structure . This means that the size of the image must not have any negative repercussions on the graphic structure of the text, for example by isolating individual words outside the paragraph. Study the

Dimensions of the blog image carefully

An image that is too large risks disrupting . The textual Singapore Phone Number Data structure of the blog,  but also making the web . Page too heavy, thus slowing down its loading and hindering the user experience . Furthermore, when choosing the size (and format) of the image, you must also consider the possibility of sharing the article on social networks . Each platform has its own precise rules for the size and format of images and, therefore, it is necessary to make the necessary considerations to prevent the blog image from being “cut” when sharing on social media. Always cite sources

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When it comes to choosing images for the blog

Often we forget a fundamental step: citing the source of the Switzerland Phone Number List image itself . It is very important to choose free and copyright-free images or, if you decide to choose an image for a blog on one of the sites that offer paid stock photos, cite the site where it was taken from, in the precise and exact manner indicated by the site itself or from the photographic portfolio .Perugia Chamber of Commerce: free webinars for internationalization The meetings are designed for all companies wishing to expand their business abroad. H

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