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 Why it is important to choose the right images for the blog We have already mentioned the possibility of increasing traffic, visits, shares and comments thanks to the choice of an effective image. Specifically, the image that opens the post of a professional blog is part of the so-called ” initial block “, that is, the first “business card” which has the task of capturing the user’s attention and leading him towards reading and towards its strategic objective. For this reason it is very important to choose an image that immediately captures the user’s eye. Now we will see together how. Create the website of your dreams with our experts 

HOW Choose quality blog images

The first fundamental  requirement that Saudi Phone Arabia Number Data a blog image must have in order to be effective is quality . It is first of all necessary to avoid grainy images , while paying attention, for the reasons we will see later, to choose images that do not have too high a resolution, such as to be too “heavy”. Obviously, then, as already mentioned, we need to focus on attractive images, capable of immediately capturing the reader’s attention. The web offers many sites with copyright-free material that offer databases of free images or subscription-based stock images .

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Choosing an image for your blog

can therefore be relatively easy; choosing the right Sweden Phone Number List one, however, is certainly more complicated. Choose original blog images In addition to the right size and quality of the photos, we must consider that the possibility of using the image databases made available by the sites mentioned above is a double-edged sword. Often, in fact, these images are artificial and not very genuine, as well as too generic and inflated. It is important, therefore, to stand out from the competition and avoid being too banal and didactic in the choice of images.

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