Natural ventilation: types opportunities and challenges

Essential in today’s buildings. Although in the past air renewal occurreeven in clos rooms – due to leaks generat in walls, doors or windows -, currently buildings incorporate thermal insulation systems that prevent outside air from entering unintentionally. desir. In this way, greater energy efficiency is achiev and we have better living conditions: we suffer less from the heat or cold indoors. But we ne systems that guarantee air renewal, whether natural or mechanical ventilation solutions. For the necessary air renewal – without which we can suffer health problems at home – we can use mechanical or natural systems. The main differences are: Mechanical ventilation systems . They are those in which at least the air extraction is done mechanically.

What is nat ural ventilation?

Using fans. Air intake can be done through grilles that connect to the outside, or it can also be done mechanically, which would be double flow ventilation , the most complete solution to guarantee correct air flow indoors and improve efficiency. energy with Philippines WhatsApp Number Data heat recovery. Natural ventilation systems . In this case, it is a passive ventilation solution, since no mechanical elements are usd. The expense is zero, since the circulation and renewal of air are carrid Natural ventilationout naturally. Currently, the Technical Building Code specifies in the HS3 Basic Document that all new building tenders must have at least one hybrid ventilation system , which is one that has mechanical and natural aspects, so we can say that we cannot depend exclusively on natural ventilation . Rehabilitate taking care of your health Does that.

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Types of natu ral ventilation

Mean we should abandonĀ  systems ? Not at all. First of all, because we can combine them with mechanical solutions to improve energy efficiency and depend less on China WhatsApp Number List mechanical solutions. Likewise, hybrid systems use many natural elements, so natural ventilation still has a lot to say. In addition to being a great option in the rehabilitation of old buildings. Natural ventilation air We could say first of all that natural ventilation is a spontaneous phenomenon, since we cannot control when it is put into operation or under what conditions. In addition to this, it is also a passive solution, since we do not have to implement anything for it. This has the advantage that it does not incur any energy costs, making it completely ecological. In the spontaneity of natural ventilation.

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