Relative humidity and absolute humidity: differences

Summer is approaching and with it the high temperatures. Also the changes in how we feel the change of season on our skin, the differences in the sensation of heat and even the appearance of colds. Relative humidity and absolute humidity are involved in all these phenomena , which are not only noticeable outdoors. Indoors, excess water vapor in the air also has a great impact on our daily lives. We must bear in mind that, in Spain, the situation that usually occurs is that of excess humidity . Although we enjoy dry and humid climates, Spain’s high temperatures and its geographical location make it a country that does not usually suffer from low humidity . The areas where there may be the greatest impact are in.

Why should we worry abo ut relative humidity and not absolute humidity?

Coastal areas or where there is a large concentration of water. Next Generation Guide Indoors, we must control the relative humidity and absolute humidity values . Because in our home, excess Oman WhatsApp Number Data humidity can translate into different problems: Respiratory complications for people living in the home. Appearance of diseases such as asthma or allergies. Greater sensation of heat indoors and high sweating. Defects in the walls and ceilings and also in the furniture. We can say that humidity affects our comfort and also our environment. It is very common to hear the concepts of absolute humidity and relative humidity , in addition to specific humidity . However, which of them is going to matter most to us to understand the importance of this phenomenon that is the condensation of water vapor in the air.

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We detail it for y ou. Absolute humidity

It is the total amount of water vapor contained in a given volume of air. Water vapor is measured in grams and air vapor in m3. The absolute humidity , therefore, will be expressed in grams of water vapor per cubic meter of air. Specific humidity . In reality, it is the same analytical Canada WhatsApp Number List phenomenon as absolute humidity , only the type of measurement is changed. In the specific case, the calculation is made in kilograms of water per kilogram of dry air. Just like absolute humidity , specific humidity accounts for water in the form of vapor. RH . This is the relationship between the amount of water vapor contained in the air – which is the absolute humidity – and the maximum amount of air that it can hold at that temperature, taking into account the absolute saturation humidity. Relative humidity.

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