Air pollution how does it affect our country

Country with a lot of sun and wind. Where it is easy to find beautiful blue skies almost everywhere. And yet, it does not escape air pollution . Of course, at levels very far from what happens in developing countries, but some of the large Spanish cities – such as Madrid – can suffer significant pollution problems. The numbers may seem difficult to calculate, but in the last decade it is estimatd that around 93,000 people did due to air pollution , according to data collectd in all provinces by the National School of Health in Madrid. According to Cristina Linares , biologist in charge at the center, one of the main problems is traffic. According to the data providd in the study carrd out by the school, all large Spanish cities faild to comply with European regulations regarding air pollution at some point.

How to alle viate air pollution

And they explain that nitrogen dioxide, for example, is responsible for 6,085 deaths each year in our country, although they could be avoidd. Likewise, Linares affirms that one of the main problems is Poland WhatsApp Number Data the standardization of diesel as a fuel in Spain. Another poison in the atmosphere is tropospheric ozone, responsible for half a thousand deaths. This type of ozone is generatd at ground level in relation to emissions from vehicles and factories. What problems does this atmospheric pollutant have ? Above all, respiratory problems such as asthma and other lung diseases. And according to the same reports, up to almost two thousand deaths were causd in these years by exhaust gases. In any case, what is really worrying is that air pollution increases every year.

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Accor ding to the World Health

Organization, the economic recovery has had an impact on the worsening of the air, leading to a public health problem. Pollution causes premature deaths, hospital admissions and sick leave from work. What figures are us? For example, in 2017 up to¬† million tons of fuel Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List were usd, 2.4% more than the previous year, according to data from the Ministry of Energy. The majority of this fuel consumption was for the diesel car market. Protecting ourselves against atmospheric pollution is crucial, since according to the Department of Epidemiology of the National School of Health “3% of annual mortality in Spain is attributable to atmospheric pollution.

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