Ventilation is a key point to prevent and eliminate humidity

We will all agree that a stain on the wall is not a good sign. Dampness is more frequent than we think, but until it reaches a certain size it goes unnotic. Without a doubt, humidity can be very . Harmful both for us and for the building. It all depends on the degree and type of humidity that the surfaces suffer from. The main factor that affects . The building is the pressure loss. Severe humidity can cause walls to lose up to 50% of their load-bearing power, becoming a major threat to occupants. In extreme cases, especially Ventilation is a key  in abandon . Buildings, humidity can cause the . Structure to collapse. Strong space insulation, poor ventilation and daily activities such as cooking or showering result in a high level of humidity. If we also add the humidity already existing in the environment or if we live in places with a humid climate, the degree of humidity present in the air increases, forming.

How is hu midity produced?

The perfect combination for fungi and microorganisms to grow. According to the WHO, the presence o f. Biological agents indoors is condition by inadequate ventilation and darkness. In its “ Guide to Indoor Air Quality . Moisture and Mold ” it indicates ho  Denmark Phone Number Data to address this issue.There are three types of humidity that can occur individually or in combination. The most common, humidity due to condensation , is found in spaces with a significant presence of water, such as the bathroom. However, the bedroom and kitchen can also have this humidity. Normally, they appear in Ventilation is a key  the form of mold in the corners as if they were small spots. Also on the windows and mirrors like fog. In this type, the causes are the thermal contrast between the interior and exterior or a very airtight home that prevents adequate ventilation. We can locate humidity due to capillarity on the ground floors. This occurs when .

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What type of hu midity is there?

The most common symptoms are the lifting of the paint on the lower part of the walls. Finally, humidity due to filtration , this usually appears in garages or basements. In this case it is an France Phone Number List external phenomenon since the water seeps into the interior of the home through gaps and cracks, giving rise to stains. This class is the easiest to detect. According to the WHO, levels higher than 65% of permanent humidity are harmful, but not because of the water vapor but because of the bacteria and particles that can be created. The most frequent diseases according to the organization are Respiratory tract infections . Asthma Allergies Allergic reactions •Rheumatic and bone ailmentsMigraines What I can do? Mold can be remov at home with cleaning products, but this solution.

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